Quick! Follow That Poem!

Poems that work mostly write themselves. A poem cannot be forced, it must flow and the writer must follow.

One such I’m following at present has thus far led me through 39 verses of eight lines each (312 lines), and is still not done with its journey. It has led me via storm at sea through heroism, community, pain, respect, love, loss, challenge, courage, strength, trust, helplessness, responsibility and myriad other factors of life ….. and, to be honest, I am enjoying the ride so much I don’t want it to stop.

But it will, and when it does reach its destination I’ll put it aside for the mandatory cooling off period before being picked up again for review and assessment; a necessary step. For while on the journey upon which the poem takes him, especially such a long and thrilling one, the writer becomes too enamoured with the scenery to see the road he has traveled and so perhaps has not ended up where he’d thought.

If it turns out well it will replace one of the poems already included for the next book, although if it doesn’t reach its destination soon it will need a book of its own to accommodate it!

I’ll let you know how it turns out.