What readers say

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” ….. your choice of words, the way you present your ideas, and the way you see life is just beautiful.” …. Canada

“I’ve just bought the Kindle version….. It’s ace …….. I’m sure ***** will love it too …….” …. England

“BRAVO! Looking forward to more!” …. United States

“You have managed to capture my inner feelings with these wonderful words. Something I have been saying for years. The time is right for this change to start. A Great Poem. Thank you.” ….. Zimbabwe

“Your poetry blows me away – this is poignantly beautiful.” ….. British Virgin Islands

” I do love your style – easy to read yet profound.” ….. Canada

“Jim this is absolutely brilliant …It flows so easily and beautifully whilst driving home the sword deep within our guilty souls …”….. South Africa

“What a wonderful discovery!!!! Can’t wait to read more. Bravo!!!!!” …. United States

“I thought I could write poems, but I bow to the master wordsmith.” …. England

“Your true inner spirit has been realized for the good of us all. Well done !!!” …. Antigua

“What a man of words, you are……always to the point, always brilliant…….. Love your poems.”  ….. United States

“I wish I could express myself like that … a great talent…..” ….. England

“We had such a great time writing music to your poetry” …. Canada

“….. you craft beautiful sentiments and pictures with words.” …. British Virgin Islands

His writings remind me of a diary that has been transformed into heartfelt poetry.” …. United States

“I read your works the day you sent them and yes sir ree I was right, there is an intrincent music in all your word smithing. They are sad, soulful and hopeful poems to sing.” …. Canada

About : His Secret Mistress”

“HaHaHa! You absolutely HAD me until the end! Great one; I love it!” …. United States

“Wonderful ….  you had me to the last line !!!!!” …. British Virgin Islands

About : “The Ending”

“Oh my. I’m speechless.”  …. United States

“It is a nice poem. Many readers can relate to it. Now I am interested what happened next. This curiosity by itself shows that you have captured the readers attention.”  …. Canada

About : “They That Don’t Belong”

“Lovely. For me lonely but of the kind I understand, and one that is sweet. This is very moving. It is beautiful.” …. United States

“Nicely said.” …. Canada


About : “An Ordinary Man”

“I like this. There is a richness in the ordinary that shows us that this is all so much bigger than ourselves.” ….. Canada


About : “Requiem”

“Very touching poem. ……. I can fully appreciate these words, they bring tears to my eyes.” ….. Canada

“A wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman.” ….. England

“Very beautiful.” ….. Canada


About : “More Noble than the Dawn”

“Very beautiful and thought-provoking. Reminds me of a painting …….. Do any of your books have images to accompany the words? ….. United States

“Wise words.” ….. Canada

About : “Hurricane Tree”

“Oh so beautiful. Making me cry. Lovely, so moving.” ….. United States

“Favourite one so far.” …. Bahrain

“BEAUTIFUL. and you are so right.” …. Canada

About : “Dark Caribbean Rum”

“Awesome!” …. Canada

” Nice one, makes me wanna reach out for a Mount Gay and oj!” …. Denmark

“….. just got a copy of”Wanderings and Sojourns” from Powells.com, pdf version. Completely agree with the dark rum hypothesis, there’s a bottle of Jamaican rum in the cupboard here ….. ” … Lebanon

“Ahhh.. your tale brings to mind evenings of Cruzan and how I miss them.” …. Australia


About : “Over the Ocean”

“Next CD’s recording soon.  Really like to include “Over the Ocean”; sing it at most of my gigs.” …. Canada


About : “Tomorrow’s Past Life”

“..… you can bring tears to the eye …… beautiful, yearning yet realistic.” …. British Virgin Islands


About : “Judgement of Life”

The poem is beautiful, and you can be sure that I will be writing it out and keeping it in my diary with me for all of my travels.” …. New Zealand

About : “Man ‘Mongst Other Men”

“I don’t have enough superlatives to say anything but WOW, I love it…..” …. England

ABOUT BOOK 3 “The Songs and Verses”

“WOW!!!!!  You just solved all my Christmas shopping problems….. These are perfect.  I’ll take seven……”  ….. Canada

“It’s terrific!” ….. England

“Bought your book today for Kindle through the UK Amazon. ……. Funny how you can imagine yourself in some of them [poems] so easily. Definitely enjoying them, just want book 1 & 2 now!” ….. Bahrain 

“It is a lovely “pick up and read” book that can be read over and over again.” ….. England

“Each is a “beautiful” story.  (“beauty” does not mean that the situation was beautiful, but the way you are telling it)  I appreciate your trust in us readers.  Your honesty about your feelings is highly valued” ….. Canada

“After reading your words I feel humbled ………  suffice to say at this stage – BRILLIANT.” ….. England



“Was given ‘The Songs and Verses’ as a Christmas present. Loving a dabble every now and then …. the book lies beside my favourite chair … perfect !!!!!!!!!!” ….. British Virgin Islands


About : “Switch to Channel 10, Over”

” ….. I remember listening to that actually happening on the VHF!” …. British Virgin Islands

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