Though not always immediately obvious, the roads along which anyone’s life-journey is traveled are strewn with stories worth recounting, poetry worth hearing, songs worth singing, lessons learned and philosophies evolved that are worth sharing. This book is a partial collection of such from one man’s wanderings along his personal roads, and sojourns in places to which those roads led; a no-one-in-particular who was fortunate to live some unusual experiences in some fascinating places upon which he was able to reflect. It’s a haphazard journal of those experiences and the lessons learned, insights earned, evolutions of personal philosophy and self understanding that unfolded as a result of where and how those wanderings and sojourns occurred.

There were no imperatives why these pages happened as they did. Like the travels they just transpired randomly, one journey following the next as opportunity or necessity or curiosity dictated, or just from the feeling that it seemed like a good idea at the time.

These stories all did happen although some for the sake of brevity are amalgams of more than one adventure, while others have a few facts and chronologies tweaked to help make better sense for the reader and avoid the need for explanatory paragraphs for those who weren’t there.

Hopefully there will be folk who recognize themselves or others within these pages even though names have deliberately not been used so identities need only be known to those who already know them and shared by those who are comfortable doing so. Hopefully some upon reading a story may pause and say “Hey, that was me (or her, or him)!  I remember that!……” and might smile along with the writer at the memory.

It is to such fellow travelers, itinerant philosophers, nomadic poets, wandering songsters, whose footfalls for a while were heard upon the same roads as those discussed herein that this book is dedicated.  Though never able to walk back upon those same roads together to find again how it used to be, here’s hoping there may yet be similar roads in the future as we walk toward whatever stories, poems and songs await us in whatever new journeys our lives hold in store.  And here’s hoping such roads may cross again as they did so long before.