***  Denotes previously unpublished work

 1/.          Foreword

2/.          Over the Ocean                     

A poem about the love of being at sea                                 

3/.          Dark Caribbean Rum         

A poem about a highly esteemed libation                             

4/.***   The Christmas Present         

A story from Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands about a daring resue

5/.          Sailor’s Farewell                 

A poem about looking back near the end

6/.***   Adventure on the Low Seas 

A story from North Sound, Virgin Gorda, about entertaining guests, though not how intended. 

7/.***   The Procrastinator                 

A poem about getting it done …..or not

8/.***   Tact and Diplomacy               

A story from Road Town, Tortola, about a bureaucratic encounter     

9/.         Hurricane Tree                     

A poem about recovery from disaster

10/.*** The Deflatable Dinghy           

A story from English Harbour, Antigua, about making an impression, of sorts  

11/.*** Angus Donald and the Storm 

An epic poem about heroism

12/.      Uninvited Caller                    

A story from St Lucia and Florida about a tale of two searchlights               

13/.       Wrecked                                

A poem about regrets

14/.*** Change of Luck                   

A story from English Harbour, Antigua about turning a corner                                    

15/.       Tavern Not Far From the Shore   

A poem  about sea folk ashore                              

16/.      Delivery Delayed                     

A story from the Exumas and Nassau,Bahamas, about  an ill-fated voyage in pirated waters  

17/.*** A Sailor’s Rivals                   

A poem about the sea versus family life                           

18/.*** Hasta Siempre Commandante 

A story from Cuba about changing perceptions                                            

19/.       The Shipwreck                     

A poem about loss and loneliness                                   

20/.*** A Finger in the Eye              

A story from Tortola, BVI, and St John, USVI,  about a medical response during a hurricane

21/.     The Call                                  

About a fictitious rescue and a father’s compassion                                     

22/.     Switch to Channel 12, Over 

A story from Nanny Cay, British Virgin Islands, about bare boat anchor panky                                     

23/.     A Man ‘Mongst Other Men 

A poem about maturing at sea                          

24/.***A Docking Good Time          

A story from Tortola and Jost Van Dyke, BVI, about too much fun

 25/.***Ship of Eternal Solitude        

A poem about being wretchedly alone 

26/.***Doctor’s Orders                       

A story from Antigua about unconventional medicine                                            

27/.      The Aftermath                         

A poem about the morning after a hurricane                       

28/.***Justice vs. Legality                 

A story from Nanny Cay, British Virgin Islands, about vigilantism

29/.     The Volunteers                         

A poem about the quiet heroes of Virgin Islands Search And Rescue)              

30/.***The Old Pirate’s Treasure 

A story from the Anegada Reef, British Virgin Islands about treasure hunting                                        

31/.      The Selkie Son                      

A poem about returning to where you belong

32/.***A Duffer’s Tale                     

A story from Montserrat about a first golf game                                                       

33/.     Shattered Dreams                   

A poem about when life doesn’t work out                          

34/.***Chaka Zulu                             

A story from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, about a sixth sense                            

35/.    The First Tripper                       

A poem about pride from teaching the next generation

36/.     A Whale of a Time                 

A story from Flamands Bay,St Barths, about  what the charter guests didn’t see                                

37/.      The Lake                               

A poem about yearning for the ocean

38/.***Snowboarding Island Style 

A story from Marina Cay,British Virgin Islands about a Caribbean ski slope                                          

39/.***The Legend of the Fishing Sloop 

A poem about not putting to sea in a storm

40/.***You Don’t Need to Get Involved 

A story from Sir Francis Drake’s Channel, BVI, about minding your own business             

41/.***Dusky Lady                           

A poem about heredity                                                 

42/.***Mano a Mano at Mingo Cay

A story from the Eastern Cays, St Thomas, USVI, about winning a race and losing it

43/.***The Steamship Lines             

A poem about the merchant fleets                            

44/.***Avoidable Mayday                   

A story from New York Harbour about one of those days

45/.     His Secret Mistress                 

A poem about loving two demanding women

46/.     Voice in the Storm                  

A story from BVI, USVI and Culebra, Puerto Rico, about uniting when all else is  torn apart            

47/.***In Decision

A poem about being torn between the reality and the dream

48/.***Size Really Doesn’t Matter 

A story from Ascension Island and Saint Helena about how little can be significant


A poem about finding solace on land, for a change

50/.***Impossible Dream

A story fromTortola, BVI and San Juan, Puerto Rico, about one man’s triumph over tragedy


A poem about wanderlust

Afterword:***If I Could Change      

A poem about our place in the natural world in which we live

By Guest Poet:  Courtney Scherer-Scott

53/.*** TROPICAL                          

A poem about reflections of paradise 

54/.*** From Palm Trees to Pollution

A poem bout leaving and yearning for paradise