This, the much requested follow-up to Book One of the “Wanderings and Sojourns” series, “On Five Continents and Three Oceans”, has expanded upon the stories, songs and poems about the Caribbean region, sailing, island life and nautical folk found in a couple of the yarns in that first volume.  Although five of those old favourites are included herein, nineteen of the stories are brand new and only two of the poems of the twenty nine in this volume appeared in the first book.  In fact thirteen of them are entirely new having never previously been seen in any publication.

As with the first book there is no chronological sequence to these entries which reflect the order in which they were recounted rather than the order in which they occurred.  Also similar to the first, no names have been used even though, perhaps because, all of these stories and the people they contain are real, though some amalgamation and a little tweakage has occurred under the auspices of editorial and raconteurial license.

This book is not a travelogue.  There are enough of those already.  The stories and poems are the reflections of one person who had the good fortune to live and sail on tropical islands and sparkling seas a fair part of his life, and who would rather be doing so still than living in any of the many incredible places he has lived before or since.  It is a book of fond memories, wonderful people, nature at its finest, some crazy and some not so crazy adventures, lessons learned and, perhaps most important of all, philosophies earned from experiencing all of the above. 

As stated, the stories all happened although the poetry is, as poetry should be, sometimes fanciful.  But then to those that have had the opportunity to get to know intimately the many wonderful facets of island and ocean living and the extraordinary people you meet while doing so, fanciful is often how that way of life appears to be.

There is a special bonus in this edition. In Book Two, “The Songs and Verses”, I included a wonderful poem from the Second World War written by my Father, Robert William Scott, who was definitely the most influential factor on the path to my becoming a poet.  Now this book contains two poems from my daughter, Courtney Scherer-Scott, written a few years ago while still at high school who also seems to have inherited the gene from her Grandfather.  Apart from being a very talented writer she has a vested interest in the theme of this book.  She was born in the Caribbean and no matter where life may require her to be living, she thinks of it as home, as I one day intend to once again.  This marks her publishing debut, but I believe we will see and hear more from her in the future for she, far more so than her Father and his Father, has a natural gift with the pen and a very astute and philosophical mind when it comes to observing and interpreting the subject of her work.