Here’s the list of poems in Book Three.

1/.         Never Try to Cage the Wandering Breeze

Never try to cage the wandering breeze

2/.        Dark Caribbean Rum

You can talk of the finest clarets, or the best of the Cotes du Rhone

3/.        Unforgiven

There’s no way I’ll forgive you all the suffering I’ve felt

4/.        Sailors Farewell

So, now your tide is come on which to leave and set your sail

5/.        Tomorrow’s Past Life

There was once a time when my life was filled with living

6/. Waking, and then Finding You Were There

Waking, and then finding you were there

7/.        His Secret Mistress

This is a tale of an immoral male

8/.        The Choice that was Yesterday’s

On to the dawn of tomorrow, and on

9/.        Life Well Lived

He’s traveled every ocean where he charted every isle

10/.      Thaw

The snow has almost melted with the coming of the spring

11/.      Hurricane Tree

Can’t forget that night I watched you falling

12/.      Travelers Upon the Road

We’ve traveled far from distant lands and met here on these shores

13/.      I am the Skipper

She and me upon the sea

14/.      Spirit Guide

Watching from the edge of vision

15/.      Somewhere In Your Hidden Past

Somewhere in your hidden past there lies

16/.      Wrecked

He’s dreaming of the shore that he knows he’ll see no more

17/.      Standard Issue Rifle

Night had settled quiet round the yawning ridge backed dogs

18/.      The Garage Sale

To dream the impossible dream

19/.      Judgment of Life

Times there are for each to try to manifest our reason

20/.      Tavern Not Far From the Shore

Between the sea and coming ashore

21/.      More Noble Than The dawn

Leave now each day more noble than its start

22/.      The Mate

I’ve rarely seen a man who could have stood his ground so long

23/.      A Sailor’s Rivals

Me Dad was workin’ with the sea from nineteen thirty four

24/.      Maturing

When in your eye the glowing fire of freedom has been lit

25/.      Old Dickie Dog

Now, while I raise his stiffened leg and place him on the sheet

26/.      It’s Best I Leave You While I Can

A poem for you?  How hard I tried

27/.      Chapters of Life

So onward once again I tread

28/.      Shipwreck

Wrecked upon the rock of memory now my heart must face the storm

29/.      In The Face of Temptation

Put away that longing smile you wear

30/.      The Call

It always seemed I’d never any time to be their Dad

31/.      Choices

Those quiet inner voices were starting to demand

32/.      Requiem

Another day departed, and with it she is gone

33/.     A Man ‘Mongst Other Men

I signed on that old sailing ship to find meself a life

34/.      Preparation

Me it was I thought that formed this past

35/.      An End to Freedom

There upon the snow I see it spattered

36/.      The Last Tripper

He’s drinking himself to death, poor sod

37/.      Back From The Light

Come near, my children, bring your light

38/.      The White Dove

Beyond the last haven a white dove is flying

39/.      Learn Well from the Lessons I can Give

Please, sit beside me traveler of the road

40/.      Rights of Passage

Only when you’ve journeyed to your spirit’s farthest reaches

41/.      The Aftermath

Children quietly pray who then had cried

42/.      Souls in Love Apart

Physical laws cannot contain emotion

43/.      For the Seasons Come and Go

Now the trees upon the ridge shed their autumn shrouds

44/.      The Last Portage

We came down that winding path together

45/.      The Ending

In passions of beginning, accelerating thought

46/.      The Volunteers

When you’ve scrutinized the concept, and examined those who try

47/.      Friendly Fire

Quietly I’ve watched your injured heart

48/.      To Claim the Highest Peak

While traveling alone, I saw a distant golden cloud

49/.      The Memory of Before

Soft and silently she blows …… the warm breeze in the night

50/.      Shattered Dreams

You’ll see them abound where marine folk are found

51/.      To Make Love Work

There are many ways to be together

52/.      Getting There

If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t know when you’re there

53/.      The Selkie Son

When the young moon danced on the westering breeze

54/.      I Lost You as a Lover, and a Friend

We really had some good times, you and I

55/.      Greeting the New Day in Algonquin

A new day grows each morning, evolving from the past

56/.      Walk to the Future

Time is too precious to keep looking back

57/.      Angels Are Keeping

Little one’s eyes are frightened and crying

58/.      The First Tripper

When he joined us that day seems it wasn’t the pay

59/.      Letting the Universe Guide my Way

I traveled all my life to places most will never know

60/.      Winter of a Broken Heart

Frost on his mouth stretched gaunt by the storm

61/.      River of my Sussex Childhood

River of my Sussex childhood, ebb and flow inside of me

62/.      Love’s Paradox

Me strong suit ain’t philosophy, but thinkin’s been me way

63/.      The City

I’ve lived among fighters and sensed what they fear

64/.      The Lake

Of all the times I’ve walked beside you never once I understood

65/.      Quest for the reason

For nigh on eighty years we’ll live upon this blessed earth

66/.      A Daughter At Rest

Asleep, she lies at peace

67/.      To Reach the Distant Summit

Straining weary, watery eyes

68/.      Separation

Never a day I didn’t pause

69/.      Behind the Smile

Still memories of sorrows hid within your smile

70/.     Of Thylkes and Frumps

A drumpling frump one summer’s day came grimbling through the wood

71/.      Choose Well

Choose well, my lover, he who will replace me in your heart.

72/.      Over the Ocean

Of the places I’ve been and the countries I’ve seen

73/.      ‘Twas Good While It Lasted

Good bye my old girl, ‘twas good while it lasted

74/.      Okavango

I search for her in magazines and T.V. shows

75/.      Thoughts at Four in the Morning

I hope she doesn’t wake at night to quietly speak my name

76/.      In Search of Home

Where is my home?  I have no true notion

77/.      The Walters and I

Would that I’d write what my heart wants to say

78/.        Epitaph

No stone has he on which to carve these lines

79/.      Wake Well This Day

Wake to this dawn like no day before you

80/.      An Ordinary Man

There’ll be no portrait hanging on the walls