In this volume, the third of the “Wanderings and Sojourns” series, favourite poems and songs from the two previous volumes are combined with many others that have not previously been published to form a collection that spans four decades of the author’s itinerant life.

Touching, like its predecessors, on myriad themes this book is a collection of experiences and philosophies put to lyrical verse that were earned from a wanderer’s existence embracing everything from war to love, ocean to forest, death to life, sorrow to humour with insight that delves into the heart of each subject, and at times even into the heart of the reader.

Whether a parody of a famous song, a mariner’s tale, a story of a mythical creature, a lament for lost love, readers will be drawn to seek their own interpretations of what these words relate for them as the lines disturb slumbering memories and perhaps expose forgotten emotions of their own.

This book is dedicated to the many travelers who, upon wandering through their own life’s journeys, have in their hearts their own poems and songs upon which to reflect and perhaps one day to share……..

For we are of the fellowship, that scattered nomad clan

Who’ve walked life’s trails with neither chart nor plan.

We went because we knew we should,

Wherever ways and times proved good.

We went because we could, as yet we can,

To see what life may show a wandering man.


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