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“It’s terrific!” ….. England

“I was blown away with your writing ability and the depth of your poems……” ….. Canada

“You present to us a variety of poems: happy ones, playful ones, sad ones…. Poems with dialects, poems in plain English, poems to specific incidents, poems about love, poems about travels, separation, searching life’s meaning, nature,…… That is what keeps your book very alive and the reader can relate to them or picture what is happening.  Each poem is a story to me. I stopped and reflected and they made me think. I truly enjoyed it. I don’t say that to please you, but for you to know what an impression your poems have left with me.”  ….. United States

“Bought your book today for Kindle through the UK Amazon. ……. Funny how you can imagine yourself in some of them [the poems] so easily. Definitely enjoying them, just want book 1 & 2 now!” ….. Bahrain 

“I love to open the book up at random and enjoy whichever poem is presented to me.” ….. England

“Some of the poems are really deep ….. really got me thinking” ….. Canada

“The essence and delivery of these poems was just amazing. Jim’s well-traveled life, mostly by sea, has gifted him with many memories, both happy and sad, which he has so eloquently penned into heartfelt poetry.” ….. USA

“After reading your words I feel humbled ………  suffice to say at this stage – BRILLIANT.” ….. England

“WOW!!!!!  You just solved all my Christmas shopping problems….. These are perfect.”  ….. Canada

“It is a lovely “pick up and read” book that can be read over and over again.” …..England

“Each is a “beautiful” story.  (“beauty” does not mean that the situation was beautiful, but the way you are telling it)  I appreciate your trust in us readers.  Your honesty about your feelings is highly valued” ….. Canada

“I think it is wonderful…….” ….. England