“….. you can bring tears to the eye …… beautiful, yearning yet realistic.” …. British Virgin Islands

“The poem is beautiful, and you can be sure that I will be writing it out and keeping it in my diary with me for all of my travels.” …. New Zealand

“I don’t have enough superlatives to say anything but WOW, I love it…..” …. England

Virgin Islands Search And Rescue (VISAR), is a charitable organization in the British Virgin Islands dedicated to saving lives at sea.  VISAR will receive 10% of all sales of the “Wanderings and Sojourns” series printed editions sold in the BVI.  In order to ensure VISAR receives this donation please purchase in the BVI the printed version from any retail outlet or directly from VISAR rather than purchasing from an on-line supplier or in e-reader format.

VISAR is 100% dependant upon donations and fund raising.  The dedicated volunteers have saved many lives and assisted hundreds more mariners in distress over the years.  Members have been honoured by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and recognized by Lloyd’s of London for their selfless volunteer work, often putting their own lives in danger to help others.

Please, when in the British Virgin Islands, look for books marked with the VISAR logo (below) and know that by purchasing a copy you are supporting this most worthy of organizations which is the subject of some of the stories and poems in the books. As one of the founders, a former president and long time senior coordinator Jim thank’s you on behalf of VISAR for your support.  For more information go to